How do you authenticate items?

At Cudoni, we respect the beauty and individuality of every luxury brand. In fact, it’s why we do what we do. Each item we deal with, therefore, is subjected to a rigorous authentication process by our network of fashion experts, horologists and gemologists. The industry professionals we utilise will leave no stone unturned, or stitch unchecked, in their confirmation of brand authenticity.


Each item is subjected to a multi-stage, multi-expert, assessment which goes beyond the industry standard. Our end-to-end authentication process has been proven over years of testing, and is regularly reviewed and updated with the most recent brand developments. Not only are our processes regularly reviewed and improved, but so is the knowledge of our experts. With continuous training and group development, our team are always at the forefront of counterfeit research and analysis. Moreover, we invest significant resources in understanding the provenance and ownership history of each item. This ensures that each item is not only verified authentic, but yours to keep and cherish for as long as you wish to do so.


Cudoni’s authentication process is entirely unique to us. No brands sold assume any responsibility for their placement on our site. Cudoni fully cooperates with all relevant authorities seeking to track down the source of stolen or counterfeit items, which includes revealing the contact information of sellers submitting counterfeit goods.


Cudoni does not accept fake or counterfeit merchandise. If we suspect for any reason that a submitted item is not authentic we will contact the seller for proof of purchase in an effort to establish the items authenticity. Cudoni will destroy any goods which are deemed counterfeit.


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