Do you take an inventory of my things? And what happens when you receive them?

At Cudoni, our top priority is ensuring that you have a seamless, hassle-free experience, and so we take the utmost care when recording and managing your luxury fashion for you.

Prior to collection, we prepare a full inventory of your items for you.

Once your items are received in our care at one of our warehouses, we then cross-reference the items received against your submitted inventory. We will add any additional items that we have received to your inventory. All this information will be visible in your personal account area on the Cudoni website.

Where items are missing or those received are not as described, we will notify you in the first instance. We always recommend that when one of our fashion experts is unable to collect your items in person, and you are sending an item through a third-party courier, that you pay for any additional insurance level that you require.

We take the handling of your items very seriously and want to ensure you have peace of mind at all times.


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