How long will an item take to sell?

We sell most items in 14-30 days, although some items can be sold in as little as a couple of items depending on market demand at a given point in time.

Typical reasons for a slower than usual selling time include:

  • Market demand
  • The condition of the item
  • The price of the item
  • The item brand

In the unlikely event that after a 12-month period an item remains unsold, you can request the item to be returned at no cost to you.

We are also able to return items back to you at any given point in time prior to the expiry of this 12-month period, but in doing so this incurs a cost to you of £15 + cost of postage, per item. This cost covers some of the losses that we have incurred in collecting, authenticating, processing and listing the item for sale.



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